Untitled #5 

i’m not so fond of love poems anymore, so i begin this poem as an attempt to unlove you. to brush the dust off my piano, that has spent way too many years at the back of my garage, along with pieces of your memories. you see, the concept of love, to me, has always […]

//Three things about heartbreak or suicide//

i.  Holding hands doesn’t make sense anymore. You’ve stayed still for far too long And your sweaty palms Do not offer enough friction To let you hold on anymore. So you let go. ii. You wish you had taken  Swimming lessons in sixth grade. Maybe then you would​ know how to stay afloat Without letting […]

Speak Silence To Me.

Speak silence to me. Speak to me not in sentences, but sighs, Not in syllables, but smiles Not in voice but in the entire depth of your eyes Speak silence to me In glances and grins And the little movements of wrists And fingertips Speak to me the spaces between words Like we are strangers […]


We poor, over-thinking people. Present to us a piece of bread on a plate, we’ll be wondering about why you gave it late, why the bread is burnt, why you walked the way you did, why the sun is shining just a little bit more fervently today… In other words, almost any random occurrence in this universe […]

Dear Mom, 

An open letter to the woman who has always picked up my pieces and glued them back together.  Dear mom,  1. The first day of lower kindergarten, and I came to you crying, saying that someone had pinched me at school.  “Why are you saying that to me? Go fight your own battles.” That was […]

A Letter to the Guy who tried his best. 

To the guy who tried his best to hold on, The most important things are the hardest to say. Yes, that’s true. But I choose to write them out because it’s the only way to stop the memory ghosts from haunting me. As long as you were with me, I was so busy looking for […]

Untitled #4 

It is true what they say about a writer falling in love with you. She will immortalise you in the pages of her journal, she will make you the main character of her stories—a hero, she will turn your love into arrhythmic verses of poetry. But what when you hurt her? Won’t she burn you […]