To You.

Why is that when each time I turn and run away, something pulls me back to you.

Something that is not in your control or mine. It feels as if you have a strong pull on me that clutches me each time I try to escape. So much had happened. Months have passed by. Maybe time healed you but not me.

It tinges me under my skin when I try to think about us. Looking at a couple walk past me, breaks me down, Passing by the place we used to hang out, makes me cry. Remembering the way you used to take me in your muscular embrace and talk cheesy to me, makes me uncontrollably sad.

Why is that you’ve walked miles away, and I still stand at the crossroads where you left me? Why?

Why is fate so cruel to me and not you? I know that you’ve moved on and that you like  ‘her’  now, but does that mean you’ll stop acknowledging my presence? Maybe, maybe not!

Your fragrance still turns me on.

The way you run your fingers through your curly hair makes me want to touch them too, and be touched at the same time. The way you look at her, the same expression that was only for me makes it no better.

Your voice turns me on. Just a single glimpse of you from the passengers sight is enough. Remember, how you used to be the highlight of my day? Ah, well!

Here’s to the person who gave me a beautiful forever in just a small number of days and taught me that not everything you want is everything you need.

Here’s to the person who taught me what is it to be in love.

So, here’s to You.


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