She stepped on the pavilion and the people around her were wonder struck!

She looked like angel dropped down  from heaven so WHY won’t they be?

She wore a yellow saree that merged with the shades of ocean blue at the ends. Her brown locks left open, cascading down to her waist. And her blue eyes similar to the shade of the glittering sea under the sunlight

She looked ravishing at the farewell party.

All eyes were on her and, perhaps, she got a little mindful.    ‘Am i looking like  a jerk?’ she thought to herself making a way out of the crowd to meet her friends.

It was a merry meet while she hugged everyone. He was next.

He wore an ice-blue shirt that perfectly hugged his muscular body and suited his royal blue eyes. Before she could think of anything else, he hugged her so tight that she could even feel his muscles relax at the contact. She was completely lost and the room fell out. The time seemed to have slowed down at that moment.

She flushed and dug her head deep in his neck. She didn’t wanted to let go of of his embrace. After all, that was the place she yearned for!

‘Aham-Aham’ Their friends teased as they finally broke contact.

He still kept quite close to her.

‘Let’s hit the dance floor’, said one of her friends and pulled her away.

He laughed as she frowned.

Dip Dip drop.

‘Yea i just hope i get it right this time in exams.’ She was talking to a group of friends when she was startled as someone hugged her from behind. She glanced over her shoulder, taking in his masculine scent. It was him. His eyes were shining so bright in the avalanche of the moon.

‘Happy 1st Anniversary to you’. He said faintly in her ears and and held her hand as he curled her delicate fingers around a rose .

She grinned cheekily as he nuzzled her neck.

‘To you too.’  she said turning towards him.

‘I love you so so much. And i know it’s a tough job to love me but you do it quite well.’  She said against his lips.

‘It’s my privilege.’  He said while his lips finally met with hers.


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