Letting go.

Thoughts and desire
Forever hidden from the light of day
Forgiveness is for what I pray
My life, My Love is set upon the fire

Guilt over the deeds
That brings me joy
Self-incriminating doubt planting its seeds
Making me a hellish life’s toy

Every hidden act brings shame
Though it brings such freedom
It brings such normalcy to my game
The game of salvation and damnation to come

My true self kept in shadows light
Living a life that might be a lie
Trying to be all I can be for everyone because it seems right
Dying to live, Living to die

Wishing I could be me
To afraid to try
Scared of what may be
All I can do is cry

Tears of frustration
Tears of self loathing
Condemned to self damnation
For hiding the life I yearn to be living

Yet even my tears are hidden!sad


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