Sixteen reasons that you shouldn’t date the 16-year old me.

1. I’m antisocial. Chances are I’ll recognize the band on your T-shirt before I’ll recognize you.

2. I’m disconnected, I don’t hear what the teacher says or what the person sitting next to me is blabbering on and on about.
3. In the middle of conversations, I’ll stop to comment on the pair of jeans that guy who just passed us is wearing and then forget what we were talking about.
4. I forget to wash my hair sometimes so I put them into a bun, just the way you don’t like it.
5. I’ll take you everywhere worth going: beautiful gardens and parks, museums and monuments, old bus stations and railroads. And then I’ll kiss you there and tell you small anecdotes related to or about that place so you cannot possibly revisit without the faint feeling of me still always lingering on your lips.
6. In the middle of fights, I’ll start singing and dancing around like a 5yr old because I don’t feel like arguing anymore.
7. I’ll hold your hand and start running randomly.
8. I’ll irritate you with that clicking sound and the flash of my camera by taking a million pictures of you.
9. Sometimes I’ll need space and I just won’t care.
10. Sometimes I don’t know how to react or reply and that’ll piss you off.
11. I’ll be texting three more people while texting you.
12. I’ll contradict every sentence you utter if I’m in the mood to.
13. I’ll wear sunglasses at night and roam around and ignore all your protests.
14. If I want to go somewhere, I want to, it doesn’t matter if it’s dangerous. I’ll scale the school wall and jump over the barbed wire if I have to. You’ll just have to inevitably follow me.
15. Either my socks won’t match or my shoelaces won’t. Sometimes I’ll wear a sleeveless dress in the middle of winters and flaunt all three of them proudly grinning.
16. I write the most depressing shit ever and I will write about you. Yes, love, I will write about you and I’ll paint the most beautiful splatter of stars on a galactic print but I’ll never be able to do justice to you.


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