Sometimes it is so suffocating when you rewind your life to the earliest times where you knew how to smile and be content.

The word ‘pain’ never existed in that childish heart of pure innocence.

It seemed as though she’d take the world with the storm but little were we aware of the consequences concerned with utter reality and materialism.

Little did that girl know about the part people play in enacting cruelty and ignorance.

It was baffling how her thoughts changed in course of time.

It seemed as though she knew everything,but never had the flair to let it out,this bothered her the most. She possessed a clever mind but not a knife of inhumanity.

As time passed,the knife twisted deeper into her stomach. Thoughts took a whirl,but never stopped at the place of acceptance

She gaze at the sky at the clouds passing by,envying it for the freedom she never seem to have to float like clouds over lakes and gardens. But then,even clouds turn out to be raging storms one day and perish.

After travelling for a long,long time in life as she grew up,she accepted her fate of being judged constantly.

She was not herself anymore.

Second thoughts of dying raided that disturbed mind,but it never evoked her to die.

She was dying,inhaling the air of bane.

She always wanted to leave a mark,to be the change of what people wished to happen.

She yearned for a tiny little place with pillows in all the hearts. And yet,her loved ones ended up burning that shelf worth everything.

After a long row of dreadful nights,she was longing to sleep peacefully with bliss,atleast once.

And she did.

This time,the pain was let out.

She never woke up.

She wished to leave a mark in this world. She did,an unburnt scar of pain.

All she wished was not be a little dot in the infinity which she wastime


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