Let it go.

Is there ever a time you feel like you want to rip yourself up and let that beast inside you free? You’ve been caged too long and you feel it’s just time to let it all out. You conceal so much, yet nobody truly knows how you feel. It’s always a silent roar. The roar of pain and hatred.

Let it go. Set me free.

But no matter how I tried, I still fail to.

You bear a grudge for all the things you’re facing, for who you are now. No, sometimes situation change you and letting it take over you seems easier. The fight you faced alone, it seem never ending. Everyone seem to have someone. But for you, it was only you. It was a lonely fight.

Let it go. Set me free.

But no matter how I tried, it just gets tiring.

In the nights that come, you curl up like a ball under the comforter. No one knows there is a stream of tears down your cheeks. Sometimes, darkness seem like a better friend. It covers all your weaknesses, so no one sees how vulnerable you are in reality. How sad.

Let it go. Set me free.

But no matter how I tried, it stays inside me.

You try to be saint, but no you know there’s no much inside you going against it. It’s a struggle every day. Your shield is about to give its way. The beast inside, it’s getting the best out of you. On the verge, at the edge; if only it can be a fall away to end all these.

I closed my eyes, I feel the breeze. Slowly, I threw myself into the thought of letting it go. It gets even more relaxing and I’m loving this feeling. I bring my hands up like I’m in gratitude of this tranquility. I think I lost me. I’ve never felt this light before. So light that the curves my lips set is felt strongly. Slowly, I let me go. I fell into serenity.


In reality, letting me go means facing the shits we’re going through. It means braving through all these even if it means facing it alone. But I’m tired. Or maybe, I just don’t want to feel this way so I’m pleading reality for a break. The thought of it brings the twitching feeling at my nose, the veins in the eyes seem to show a little more obvious. A sniff, a swallow. I took a deep breathe to suck it all in. Here’s to me holding the shield, battling alone again.

Let it go. Set me free.

I know winning this fight means letting me go too. Letting people around me go. We will all be free from this beast within me. But you know what? Something the beast saves me and keeping it in me is like my backup plan.

Maybe someday, someday I’ll set me free.


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