It’s the first pov of chapter one of my book. Let me know how’s it. I’ll post more.


The red one.

No wait, the blue one is cuter.

But oh my God, look at that creamy white one, it is going to be perfect for my day. I rummaged through my walk in closet as I stood in a pile of my clothes. It was a bright day, a new morning with another year of fun ahead of us.

I was frantically looking for something nice and decent to wear as my long tresses obstructed my view. Here I was, Alayza Heartfelia assaulting my clothes like a mad woman and there she lay, half hanging off the bed, sleeping peacefully, snoring lightly.

Wait, what?


“What the hell, Red? Wake up already!” I shrieked for the millionth time this morning, walking towards the king sized bed where the princess lay.

“Um, just one more minute…” she drawled sleepily.

“Lazy ass, we are already running late, that too on the first day of school!”

“Honey Ba moo moo…”

Well this is my best friend for you. The only living species of her kind who can sleep for a week straight at any hour she finds convenient. Aw, she looks like an adorable mess.

Well Red, I am sorry but you leave me no choice. I grabbed hold of her ankle and pulled as hard as  could, causing the half hanging girl to completely slip off of the bed and hit her head against the bed side table as she face planted into the furry carpet. Ouch, that is going to hurt!

The half dazed girl scrambled up, looking around anxiously as she shook me by my shoulders. “Wha… Who died?”

My teeth rattled. “Red, darling, calm down, no one died, everything is perfectly fine and you need to have a shower right now!” a second passed, and then two in silence as the confused girl looked at me blankly.

Then all of a sudden, she snapped out of her dazed state and spit the carpet fur out of her mouth. Oho, I am so dead and before she had a chance to explode I pushed her into the bathroom and locked the door. Her screams would have already woken up the neighbors who lived five doors down the lane.

Well, good morning, Scarlett Zavesys, my best friend!

Another ten minutes passed by with me trying to put on my eyeliner but in vain. Gah, this was one of the things for which I possessed no talent, at all! As soon as I would hold the thin brush, my hand would start shaking like crazy, I had already spilled three bottles of liquid liner in two days. My eyelids would automatically flutter when I would bring the brush closer; it was like a reflex reaction.

Yes, slow and steady, slow and steady. I chanted but the door of the bathroom slammed close, causing another bottle of liner to go down the drain. Well, goodbye!

“Zuzu, you still are an amateur.” Scarlett chuckled, letting her bathrobe sink to the floor as she pulled on a pair of dark ripped jeans.

“Well then Miss. Professional, why don’t you have mercy on this kind soul and do it for me?” I sniffed in annoyance.

She buttoned up her jeans and slipped into a body tight black backless inner. Walking over to where I sat she spun the dressing chair around with a jerk. You would think after years of reprimanding her, she would learn how to handle things nicely but no!

“You are going to wear something over that right?” I asked with my eyes closed as she delicately applied the liquid into a pretty wine-house style.

“No, really? Why would I wear something over it? I was thinking of removing it at school!”

Sometimes her tone sounded so normal that a person would never be able to make out whether she was serious or just being sarcastic. Soon after, I tied my never ending tresses back into a high ponytail and headed down to get the car keys and other such stuff.

My house was nice and of a decent size, it had a warm homey feeling to it, partly because I lived here alone with my best friend and partly because we had decided to keep the interiors simple and elegant not make it too stuffy. My mother, Elizabeth Heartfelia, visited us quite often but did not live with us because she wanted me to be independent. Plus, she had a lot of other pressing matters to attend, ah, the cons of being a high school principal’s daughter.

Yup, you heard it right, my mother is the principal of the only and one of the best high schools in this small town of Rosewood, Rosewood High. The population was limited to 1,700 people. This little place is surrounded by thick forests and on the western side there is a small inland beach. It does not have too many fancy places but it still does not lack in any facility. People here are ranging from the rich who could spend dollars on almost about anything to the commoners.

Where ever you go, you would always find greenery and flowers around, especially wild roses, hence the name Rosewood. It was natural and beautiful, not like a major city with heavy crowds but with everything you could ever imagine.

Rosewood is where I was born and grew up, so this little place is my world.

“You plan on driving or what?” Scarlett snapped her fingers in front of my face. I shook my head and handed her the keys of her car with a smile. I did not like driving much; I’d rather enjoy rides, not even if it was a glossy black Lamborghini Veneno. I still do not know why Scarlett insisted on having a car that could make jaws drop and crowds run mad but oh well!

“Aw, how is my baby today?” she cooed as she kissed the steering wheel. It was not weird, no, it was not weird at all. She loved the car more than her life and would not let a single scratch distort its beauty.

Turning on the stereo Scarlett sped across the roads and crossings.

Oh Gods, someday I’ll die in a car crash with her but please make it less painful. I held onto my seat so that I would not jerk up and hit my head against the low roof. “Slow down… We are going to freaking DIE!” I screamed but Red just laughed and turned on the volume of the disgusting Wiz Khalifa songs she had on her playlist.

I could see the school building zooming in and guards hurriedly opened the gates wide because they knew that this maniac would never slow down. And sure, soon enough the car drifted and screeched into the parking lot making the crowd of student back off like they had been doing for the past two years.

The newbie were shocked, frightened and obviously surprised by our ‘grand entry’. The guys fawned over the car and the girls, well they had mixed reactions, especially when we stepped out, guess they were expecting some hot guys huh.

“Scarlett tune it down!”

“Zuzu just chill! No one is going to eat us up.” She walked beside me with songs blasting in her ears. It was so loud that I could make out the absurd lyrics of her song.

“Well no one has the guts to do that while you are around.” I giggled and she smirked.

“Oh my God, look at them, how can she hang out with her?” a girly voice said.

“I know right! The blonde is pretty and nice, totally our style and she still prefers that, that… ugh!” another shrill voice pitched in.

“What the…” I was about to turn around and tell the stupid bitches a thing or two about being respectful towards my best friend but Scarlett held my hand and shook her head. Before I could object, she pulled out her earplugs and said “They are new here.”

“That does not mean they can talk about people and say whatever comes to their mind.” I objected.

“Zuzu, it’s okay! I am used to it.”

“You shouldn’t be. Having a rare eye color does not mean that you would be treated differently, Red.” I was blowing off steam and tried to get some sense into my silly girl’s head.

She laughed, again, pulling me into another corridor. I mentally sighed; she had evaded the topic yet again.

A few conversations, a bubble gum contest and a crazy ball dance later it was announced that every student had to assemble in the auditorium for the opening speech of the new semester. Some groaned, some walked into the auditorium and some just stood there hoping for the school to be over.

I stood at the back, letting Scarlett make some excuse for the teacher so that we could stand away from the crowd. The girl was a born liar; she could come up with the best excuses on the spot as if it was natural. She walked back smirking, ah so she had managed to convince the teacher, well, not that I had doubted it.

The students and teachers clapped as my mother came up on the stage, people liked her because she was a friendly lady. Usually she would join in the fun with the students but she could be strict if she wanted. As long as everything was within the limits she would not object but her punishments were feared. But the best thing about her was that she never favored me or Scarlett, she would treat us just like any other student and punish us if needed.

Her blonde hair was tied back in a tight bun and her attire was very professional.

“Welcome, students to the Rosewood High…”

And I drowned out the rest of the speech. It was the same every year, she would welcome the new students and greet everyone, tell them about the year’s plans and activities and the best student of the previous batch was announced grade wise.

I leaned against the door and Scarlett put her earplugs back on, offering me one but I declined. Now could finally have some time to think in peace. My phone vibrated and I unlocked the screen only to find a message from Him.

I clutched my phone to read it.

Good Morning babe!
You look winsome as always.
Come back, I miss you.


I closed my eyes before tears could well up and swallowed the lump in my throat. Why was he doing this? He told me I should get over him and now that I am, he sends me these cheesy messages, which by the way I have to delete every day. If Scarlett sees even one of them, she would go look for a gun.

I pressed the delete option and leaned back, letting the door completely support my weight.

And as usual, my luck is a bright thing. At that very moment someone decided to push the big doors open with rash strength. I was thrown off and would have face planted into the floor had Red not caught hold of me. Thank God for her fast reflexes or I would be a trampled pancake on the floor.

Gathering my senses, I looked up the person, or should I say persons who threw the doors open. Two boys stood there and my eyes widened.

Rosewood High just got their hottest guys and the girls, well they were going to get lucky.

The boys who stood before me, well in all seriousness, they were a treat for the eyes. One of them was a blonde with blue eyes and a toned body. He had a small smile and an apologetic look on his handsome face. The other boy was just a tad bit taller with black hair and light grey eyes. His arms were crossed over his chest and there was no doubt about the fact that he worked out. His smirk screamed about his bad boy attitude.

Thankfully the people were so immersed into the speech that they did not turn around. Oho, why is the room heating up? I straightened and glanced around when my eyes finally landed on the flaming fireball.

“What the…” she hissed.

“Red! Calm down!” I tried to desperately tone down my best friend’s temper.

“I am so sorry. I did not mean to, but I think the door was stuck and we were in such a rush that we just…” I blonde rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. He looked so cute that I could not help but smile back.

“It is okay!” I giggled and his smile widened, lighting up his face.

“Well? You, apologize, NOW!” Scarlett demanded looking at the black haired guy. He raised an eyebrow in amusement and somehow it made the serious atmosphere funnier. “And why would I do that?” he asked.

Scarlett looked back at him blankly, no one had ever back answered to her in such a way. “B-Because you hurt my friend!” she glared daggers.

“Are you hurt, little one?” he turned to me. Wow, he was genuinely concerned. “No.” I smiled and he returned it with one of his own.

“Anything else?” he faced Scarlett, who seemed to be at a loss for words. Poor girl.

“You-You jerk!” she snapped angrily.

“Yes, Red Piecan?”

Scarlett was done; she officially for the first time in her life could not come up with a nice comeback. The boy turned away and joined the audience, his blonde brother I guessed, right at his heels. Even though what just passed was strange and funny but it was a blow to Scarlett’s pride.

“Red?” I whispered.

She hummed and smiled back at me but I knew she had murder on her mind right now. I just knew it, in the end, one of them was going to get hurt.

And usually I wouldn’t be worried, but why did I have a feeling that my best friend could not get out of this one?

Why did I get the feeling that the mysterious boy was going to crush her? Not once, not twice but every fucking time.


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