Perfection is not possible –

okay it took me three years to realize this, i believe i’m at least/sort/ of a perfectionist and i get so stressed and frustrated when things aren’t perfect and i learnt over time that there’s no such thing as perfect. So seriously I mean imperfections make you human and the faster you learn to accept and love yours, the easier life will be. no one’s perfect. no one at all. And that’s not the end of the world. ‘May i never be complete, may i never be content, may i never be perfect’ (waddup fight club reference)
contentment is necessary – nah i don’t think so. Not always, at least. but a lack of contentment doesn’t need to stem from negativity it can stem from ambition as well. i’m scared of the day I become content because I prefer discontentment and a hunger for better things that i want to work for rather than being happy in my little bubble satisfaction is basic – while I am not content, i am satisfied with the way my life is at the moment and has been. Satisfaction can be a very fundamental thing in the long term and a very superfluous thing in the short term and I think you need to find a balance, and this balance keeps you peaceful.

Hmm wow I sound preachy lol. I don’t think this is very relevant but reading the satisfaction thing I remembered this quote um – ‘Unless it’s mad, passionate, or extraordinary love, it’s a waste of time. there are many mediocre things in life, love shouldn’t be one of them’

Oooooh, ok bye.


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