“Hi.”  He said meekly to her.

Dip, Dip Drop.

She smiled and flapped the strands of hair behind her ears that escaped her hairdo. She still had those brown locks that cascaded down till her waist. Her hair weren’t all brown as I noticed for the first time. They showed shades of caramel blonde in the moonlight. Her light blue eyes reminded me of ocean jittering under the bright sun. Looking deeper in those blue oceanic eyes, you could feel entire universes entrapped in them. Her spotless, fair skin looked so soft and docile those made me want to touch her.

Weird, huh?

Her small nose crinkled each time she smiled. And her perfect cheekbones, that triangulated down to her chin. I had every impulse to kiss her sweet, cherry lips.

She looked so aphrodisiac. I flushed.

She had all the features same as to what she had, back in high-school. The only thing missing were her big, vintage spectacles that covered most of her face. She used to love them so much that she never departed from it, Maybe that’s why I wasn’t ever able to leer up to her beautiful blue orbs.

She started fiddling with her phone and I noticed her small, delicate hands.

‘She’s grown taller’ I thought, when I saw her looking at me. I ween that she discerned that I’d been checking her out as I sailed out of my muddled thoughts.

She’s an angel. My Aphrodite.

But, will she ever forgive me?

Dip, Dip Drop.

I smiled as he said hi to me.

Why is he staring at me like this? Oh my, did I eat my lipstick again? Or did my mascara smudge? Or was it something about my hair?

I tugged the strands of hair that came on my face.

STRANGER. The name on my lips.

‘He’s gone muscular.’ I thought. His brown hair, a little straighter than before. And those royal blue eyes that looked almost like the midnight sky in the avalanche of the moon. His orbs, still unprecedented in every way. I could see galaxies in his eyes.

His beautiful smiling face reminded me of an innocent 16-year old high-school boy.

The ice blue shirt he wore worked well with his features. But, of all, blue was his favorite color.

I wonder how it would feel when I lay my head on his muscular chest. I wondered how it might feel if his big hands explored my body, in every possible way. And when his skin brushed against mine?

I flushed.

‘How the hell am I thinking about him? I am not to repeat the same mistake twice.’ I thought and looked up at him through my lashes.

Dip, Dip Drop.

Both of then stood opposite to each other, on that gravely sidewalk, completely drowned in their own thoughts. Guilt overflowing them.

“Hey, wait.” He said as she started to leave.

“Why?”She said turning towards him.

His royal blue eyes were completely remorseful.

“I…I just wan…I wanted to apologize.” He said hesitatingly.

“But it’s already too late!” She said in a rush and started to turn away.

“Okay, but I want you to know something. I broke up with two girls the same day.” He shouted at her back.

She paused. Her light blue eyes darting innumerable questions in his direction.

“I broke up with two girls that day. She came to me after you left. She comforted me and cheered me enough on that gloomy day. We spent a lot of time together and… and we kissed.”

He sighed.

“But when we did so, I didn’t feel a spark in my body, or a chill down my spine, when you kiss me. It was blunt. The room falls away when you kiss me. My heart keeps missing beats when you’re around. Each time I taste you, I realize that I’ve been starving. I can never get enough of you. There’ magic between us. Madness. I was filled with guilt after that episode and came to look for you, but you’d long gone. I broke the hearts of two girls that day. I broke your heart and of the one who broke my angel’s heart. But, this is me standing right in front of you tonight, saying I’m sorry for all that I’ve ever done. I thought, I was so much in love with the idea of you, but when you left me, my world came crashing down in a point space and I realized that I’m unquenchably in love with YOU.”

He said dropping down on his knees as a tear rolled down his face.

There were tears in her eyes too. After all, she’d loved him. Even after 3 years of their separation, her feelings for him didn’t change. He took smalls steps towards him as her heart shrank seeing the man she loved, crying in front of her.

“The past is the past for a reason.” She said dropping down on her knees next to him.

Her vision was completely blurred by the tears that filled her eyes.

“I…I forgive you, Stranger.” She hugged him and finally allowed the overflowing tears stream down her face. She cried her heart out. She shed all the pain she’d felt in the past 3 years or so.

He embraced her closer and stroked her hair gently. He could feel his shirt getting wet buy the tears that rolled down her eyes.

“Promise me that you won’t ever leave me.” He asked.

“Promise me that you won’t ever do such silly things again.” She giggled.

“I love you doodles.” She said and their lips met.

He kissed her senseless. She kissed him back gently. His kiss was more of a sweet question mark, which she answered with a definite exclamation point.


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