It’s a feeling.

it’s the feelin’, the way the words roll off of the tongue and
into her soul.
it’s the garden of melancholy butterflies lapping up
lukewarm happiness.
it’s the song of you and me
huggin’ in the rain
not knowing what to do,
but you came for me
you came for me, and that’s
all that matters.
you ran through the hypocritical lines of you and I
through the rhymes of the times standin’ side by side
swords at our throats, cut through the lies
these are the signs of life, love, the pursuit of both.
here’s to us!
to the darkness that encompasses those of decay
and who’s to say they can’t change into beauty,
or black pavement or something dogs like to pee on
but who’s to say you can’t do anything?
not me, not I
don’t give me that look, come back inside
put the gun to your side, let’s be friends
you and I.
before the blood messes up the new paint.
let’s enjoy the rain while it lasts
it’s never as much as the sun
so please, for God sakes, please
Never Leave Me Again


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