Is it better to be in a relationship or be single?

What is it like to be single?
When you’re single, your life is your life. You’re free to go or do wherever you want. You don’t have to be accountable or answer to anybody. You can go by everyday without worrying where your partner is, or how he/she is doing. You’ll not get jealous and you won’t get into an argument with your lover. Life is good when you’re single. For girls, you get chased by boys and you can take your time to figure out who you want. When you party (club), you can flirt and you can have fun. Who’s there to stop you anyway, right? When you’re single, you don’t have worry about not replying messages or having to handle crazy mood swings by your partner (phew). All you know is that you’re living your life and you’re having the best time in the world. But the catch is, you’re “alone”.
What is it like to be in a relationship?
When you’re in a relationship, you’re giving a part of your life to someone. Now, every part of you is connected to them. Your mood, your emotions. You start your day with a good morning message, telling him/her how much you’ve missed them. And when you finally see them in person, the smile they can put on your face will be radiating. When you’re in a relationship, loyalty is key. In other words, no flirting, no going wild, no flings. Your life will now be focused on one person and one person alone. Over time, your feelings for that person will grow and eventually, an attachment will form. Call it clingy or whatever you like but sooner or later you’ll realize that you can’t live without that person. You’ll need them in your life. Your days of partying and fun will now be over but the adrenaline of their lips makes up for it all. No one else will ever be so significant. On bad days when a fight happens (ugh),  the heartbreak and sadness will get to you. (NOT COOL) Your frustration will turn into tears and anger into careless words. You’ll be mad at your other half alright…. but deep down, you know you just want to resolve this because you hate it when you guys fight. But no matter what, as long as you guys don’t give up on each other…. That’s all that matters.
So back to the question, is it A – Single or B – In a relationship?
To me it doesn’t matter if you’re single or not. Why? Because….
If you’re single, good for you. Live your life and have your fun. Do all those crazy things without a care in the world but know when is enough. Know when is time to settle. However, also use this alone time to reflect. Reflect on your life and set a goal for your future. Know what kind of guy/girl you need in your life and look out for people like that. Be open and out going. Don’t be afraid to fall in love.
If you’re in a relationship, constantly work on improving your r/s. Whatever you do, think about how it would affect your partner. You’re there to make their life a better and happier one, not worst. Use this time to show love, not just receive. Honestly, love changes you. Therefore, let it change you for the better and use this feeling you feel inside to inspire you. Don’t hold back, love hard, love true.

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