Days of us, of love and of friendship,
Furnaces in which these bonds were born
Days of no worry, of unadulterated happiness
Behind the desks that sheltered our discreet talks

Days spent about the hearth of our human warmth,
Smelting implausible dreams from the chaos of life
Days spent fossilizing moments into photographs
To which the immortal memories are anchored

And every sixtieth part of every minute of which
Would forever be engraved in our synchronized hearts
Moments of which would be outstanding stars in the night of Past
That each would gaze at from each’s diverged paths

These days were with us and forever will they be
In photographs stained with tears and illuminated by smiles
And our hearts always in those revelling classrooms
Whose walls echoed foul-mouthed profanities
And heart-felt passion.


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