T action.

Back against mattress, nervous crystals lining lusting mouths
Legs falling down the edge of the bed,
“You won’t like what you see, I know. I’m
Ruined by scars, wounds and hideous stains”, I said
As she unbuttoned my shirt, she never paused. My
Words seemed to stir in her no hesitance.
Lips touched my bare skin, stirring memories and phantom pains
Where receded lips had left familiar touch. I tense.
And after your fingers had traced and tesselated
Mesmerising patterns on every inch, from ear to toe
On my clean, unscarred body, you stared into my
Eyes, much deeper than superficialities of anatomy, “I know”,
You said, through your chilling, warm smile
Before you kissed me, wetting my quivering lips
And drenching my soul, almost as if washing it all
Away. Love in her eyes, magic at her fingertips.


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