I guess It’s true.

I guess people do change to the point where You don’t recognize them anymore.

I guess that I just had to learn to see things as they truly were.

I’m sort of amazed.

Because I’m so deeply intertwined with the idea of love

That everything inside of me reaches back to that idea to run things by it.

My friends and I were talking about the topic of polygamy

She said she believes that people should have the right to love as many people as they please but she wouldn’t be comfortable in this type of relationship…

But then later she says why give yourself to one person for the rest of your life if you have so many more options in the world.

“Endless possibilities.”

In my head I was just listening to everything with one ear and letting the rest go.

It’s not really a topic that holds my interest seeing that I believe in monogamy in most situations.

Any who, I wouldn’t judge anyone in this sort of relationship but I’d not really feel the need to support the right to multiple wives/ husbands because of my beliefs.

I have this stupid and silly idea where love exists.

I have a dream of finding someone for ME.

Who solely and uniquely belongs to ME.

Who loves ME.

Who appreciates ME

For all that I am.

I want someone to look at me and think “wow, what I’d do to spend the rest of my life next to her. Because I love her so much that the thought of that other girl is unacceptable.”

I want that type of love.

The love so strong that not even the stars and the moon could stop it.

The sort of love where two equals fifteen and my heart is no longer beating in my body but in his.

The sort of love where my heart and soul are tied together with his and we can just enjoying being …. In peace

I got a new tattoo this week. It’s a heart with a heartbeat coming from it.

I got asked what it meant and in that one moment my whole life made sense.

I was always fueled by this thing that we call love.

I always wanted it

I wanted love as if it was the last water in the desert.

I want to believe that as long as my heart beats, as long as my heart is able to stay alive and pump blood that my mission in life is to be happy.

I want to be happy, I want to love unconditionally and love without feeling like I’m giving too much.

I want to feel like my love is being received and appreciated.

I’m hoping for a fairytale.

Because haven’t you heard, that all fairy tales are real?

Silly to make up a story that isn’t true.

Love. Love is something I hope for one day.

Whether It’s now or later, I’m hoping it doesn’t leave me behind.

I want a love where our love is … Magical.

Where our love is stronger than everything and everyone else.

Where out live is stronger than the universe.

Where our love is real.

Real love.

I wonder what that feels like.


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