The Girl Without a Name

The boy didn’t know. 

He didn’t know the name of the girl.

He showed up to the party with a tray of lasagna that his mom made. 

He didn’t expect to see her there, with her yellow sundress and red lipstick 

He fell in love

He asked her her name, she silently whispered it to him 

He thought it was the most beautiful name he had ever heard 

He loved her from that very moment on 

The girl 

She was afraid 

She held her heart in her hands because it had been cracked so many times before. 

The boy eventually got tired of asking for it 

and he left. 

She didn’t want to get hurt again 

She didn’t want to lose her heart this time because it took way too long to find it the last time 

It was painful, walking around without a heart. 

Her body ached for it every moment of every day that she couldn’t find it and she

looked and looked until one day she found it once again 

Broken, cracked.

Now the girl, she holds her heart in her hands so it doesn’t fly away once again 

so that It’s not taken away 

so that It’s safely cocooned in the warm crevices of her fingers and she 

doesn’t realized how hard she’s holding on 

the girl, holds her heart too tight.

the girl, is squeezing it so hard that she doesn’t realize that she can’t breathe 

she doesn’t realize that she needs to let go, just a little bit. 

she’s hurting herself 

she can’t squeeze so hard … can’t she see?

can’t she see the damage she’s doing?

She can’t see. 

She’s blinded by the broken heart she so dearly desires to keep in one piece 

she needs to let go, 

because if love doesn’t take her heart the next time 

if she doesn’t give it away 

or let it fly away on it’s own

she’ll squeeze too hard and break it herself. 


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