Isn’t it funny how our minds work?

How we remember things suddenly and all at once?

Memories are tricky little things.

They hide away in the deep corners of our brains, untouched, covered by spider webs that we want to avoid.

Blah, spiders.

Scary, creepy.

They have 8 legs and some are poisonous.

The poison

It’s risky.

Almost 50/50

When we unravel the memories from their corner and wipe away the spider webs, the spider could either be there or not be there.

The spider could either be poisonous or not be poisonous.

The spider could bite you or it could not bite you.

My spider bit me.

But I’m not quite sure if It’s poisonous yet.

At first I felt sick.

The little dots on my skin, indicating my bite got bigger and bigger as time went by.

I tried to wipe the swelling away.

I tried to wipe the bite away.

The sting of the rubbing alcohol didn’t do much but cause irritation and a painful sting of emotions and feelings that I so badly wanted to get rid of.

As the minutes went by, the air gave me a calm and cool sensation

And, it almost made me feel better.


Just almost.

The bite on my skin radiates me.

The first thing people see on my face.

“Are you okay?”

“What’s wrong?”

” what’s the matter with you?”

And I can’t tell them.

It’s private

It’s MY problem.

Not so much yours.

It’s my anger.

Not so much yours.

So if you see me in the street

And a tear slides down my face,

Don’t assume I’m not okay

My spider bite just hurts.

My memories took a hold of me and I could t avoid the spider

It was hidden in the web that sneakily snuck into my t-shirt.

Don’t ask me if I’m okay.


It’s something I have to deal with

That I don’t really want you to know.

I just want to hold it in and deal with it by myself

Because what can you do about my spider bite?

Can you get rid of it?

The answer is no.

I wish it was different… So much.

My memories take hold of my hand and walk me down memory lane where I’m with myself and them.

Truth is, I remember everything.

And that.

That might just be my biggest demise.


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