She’s a trooper.

She’s a trooper.

She stood by you through everything

She loved you regardless of everything you’ve done to her

Her brain knew she should leave, but her heart held her back.

She knew what she was doing, she can’t complain now.

Even though I feel sorry for her.

I feel more sorry for you.

I feel sorry for you because you lost her

I feel sorry for you because you couldn’t realize the woman she was

I feel sorry because you couldn’t hold her down like she needed to be

I feel sorry for you because you got to taste a glimpse of heaven only to be sent right back to hell

So I feel sorry for you.

Because you’re never getting her back.

She had the courage to tell you bye bye.

She had enough strength to wipe away all of the negativity in her life and start fresh.

With positivity.

I feel sorry for you because now you have to wonder if she’s in bed alone or with another person.

If someone else took your spot on her pillow.

If she’s happy with someone else.

I feel sorry that you have to see that.

Because you had that.

You could still have that.

But you don’t.

And you must feel like shit.

I hope you do anyways.

Because It’s too late for you to get her back.

She’s no longer yours to hold

To kiss

To touch.

Now he’s touching her

He’s kissing her

He’s calling her baby

Telling her HE loves her.

He’s loving her like you couldn’t.

He’s giving her what you couldn’t.

And even though I FELT sorry for her, because you put her through shit.

I’m PROUD of her.

Because she had the courage to leave when it was no longer beneficial for her to stay

And she found a pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow.


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