The cords that wound together
Fragments of my soul and bone
Twining round my ambitions and
Dreams and all I hoped to be,
Netted over my fractured ribs
Were slashed apart slowly with
Knives encrusted with bloodied
Hopes and shattered memories

The pieces of me trembled and
Shook, crumbling into sawdust
And earthquakes began within
The curdling marrow of my bones
Fingers quivering like jelly, as
Sea salt dribbled down valleys
Beside crevices ridging my eyes

But that was all before I had,
Kind hands help soothe tremors
Brushing kisses against my tears
Helping me bind together pieces
Lighting flickering candles that
Dispelled the darkness within me
And it’s going to take a while
Before all the wounds heal and
Golden threads spin themselves
Around me and the poison leaves
My veins, leaving butter-gold
Sunshine in it’s place, and a
Familiar too-wide smile mapping
The contours of my face

Posted in you.

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