Love scars.

We fall in love without knowing that we do fall in love. We realize it only after we are totally addicted. We figure out that we are deep down the love tunnel when it becomes already too late. We understand where we are, after things get extremely complicated. We do love, but we realize this love only when we are no longer able to control it.

Love comes as a sweet guest to our lives. It invades our souls without knocking any doors. It takes over our minds. It occupies our feelings. It fills all the gaps inside. It comes as a sweet guest without plans. But sometimes, the longer it stays, the more dangerous it becomes. The more it stays, the deeper its roots reside in our bodies. The more it stays, the harder it goes away. On the day that it goes away, it will go and leave deep scars behind. It will leave roots behind. It will go, but it will never be completely gone no matter how hard we try. The scars will be a reminder for the rest of our lives of that love we once had. They will be a reminder of the days, memories and pain. These scars will always reside there. Regardless what we do or who we know, they will always be there…


Posted in you.

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