To you, I belong.

Among all the darkness of the night
You will always be the light
which brightens my lifeyouuu
You, who I will always strive

You have always been there
Everything with you I could share
My motto with you was the free will
That persistent voice of “I will”

Without limits or restrictions
Everything with you was allowed
No matter the type of distractions
Everyone beside you has bowed

You will always be higher than anyone
Closer to me than my own son
Better than any type of fun
More beautiful than the light of the sun

You are the only who held my soul
who made me stand up after I fall
No matter how long we do not call
You will always have my heart, as a whole

I always question myself if I miss you
But I realize that I do not only miss you
To you I belong, from you I came
Life without you, is no longer the same.

Posted in you.

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