What’s love (finally) ?

So. Literally 90% of the time, I’m asked just one question.

“What’s love?”

And a variation – “how do you know it’s love?”

I’m 16. While growing up, a lot of my perception of love was in the things I saw around me, the stories I heard, and the lives I became privy to. They told us that love is a big, grand gesture. Well. It’s not.

Always, you’ll find love in the little things.

Love is simply when you realize there’s a certain person you deeply care for, and you can’t envision a future without him. You just can’t. At every step of your life, at every milestone you want to achieve, he’s the one beside you, he’s the one egging you on.

When you listen to Shane Filan’s “Beautiful In White”, and think of him. Yeah. You’re in love.

It’s not having your whole happiness dependent on him, you know? It’s more of him amplifying it. He just makes it 10000000x better. Always.

It’s trusting him implicitly. I always believe loyalty and trust are the two most important things in a relationship. A mature one, that is. It’s believing him when he says he was out with his friends, not going crazy when he talks to girls. It’s trusting him so much that you can’t even IMAGINE him ever deceiving you.

It’s being your true self with him. Most of us put on a mask for the rest of the world, but with him, you’re you. And you know what? He likes you for who you are. He likes the girl with her hair in a bun, in pajamas and her face scrubbed free of makeup.

It’s putting someone else’s comforts before your own. It’s caring so deeply for someone that you worry for them first.

It’s not just calling each other 24×7. Oh no. Nor is it posting a million pictures with each other on Instagram and Facebook. Love doesn’t need validation by a million people. 

It’s love when he makes your day better. It’s love when you just need to hear his voice and he makes you smile. Always. 

Finally, love is when you are mature, when you’re actually willing to work on problems and obstacles, because not being together isn’t an option for you. 

It’s choosing each other, day in and day out. When you’re at your best and at your best, it’s choosing to stick around and not leave. True love is choosing to love somebody you’re not related to, in a way. 

It’s not under obligation.

It’s complicated, yes. But haaye rabba, its literally worth every tear you shed, every moment.

Every moment.

Posted in you.

13 thoughts on “What’s love (finally) ?

  1. Reblogged this on The Wind Girl and commented:
    Being part of a generation where people ‘hook up’ more than ‘love’, I’ve always asked myself why I didn’t go about it like other people, always wondered what love really is.
    This kid just got it right, kudos 😀

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