We’re like an ocean 

We move as one from one way to another.

We’re like birds

You sing me your magical lullabies and I come to you because It’s a beautiful song.

We’re like flowers

Standing tall with our bright colors and our picture perfect petals 

We make it look like It’s worth it 

We make it look good, easy. 

It is easy. 

Because I love you. 

Because you feelings for you evolve with each breath I take and my eyes get watery when I think that someday I may not have you. 

But It’s easy 

This loving you think is too easy and too comforting and too great 

Because I’m afraid of getting used to what we have because one day I may not.

But It’s easy 

Because It’s natural 

Because It’s normal 

It’s easy because it just is. 

It’s always supposed to happen like this 

When I met you I thought you were weird.

You poked me and I found it funny. 

When you kissed me for the first time I thought, it was nice, but it could’ve been better. 

Everytime it gets better 

Every moment I spend with you makes me find one more thing about you that I love 

One more little detail that I can add into my Jeffadex dictionary  so I can always remember it later. 

Everything about you makes me smile, even when you mess up. 

I’m not sure what a perfect relationship is, and I’m by far sure that we don’t have a perfect relationship in societies eyes.

But in mine, we do. 

You and me 

Me and you 

You and I 

We have the perfect relationship 

We communicate (cough cough) 

We laugh 

We play 

We love 

And you’re beautiful.

Not just your outer shell but your inner one too. 

Your words, your insides, you heart, your everything is just beautiful.

People may look at us and see something that’s unacceptable, people may look at us and see two people spending time, sharing love, affection. 

I see you and I smile because I love you and I laugh because j can’t help it and I look at your hooded eyes while you sleep and I look at your brown eyes and see something that’s mine.

That I love to pieces

That I’m glad to call mine. 

We’re an ocean. 

And I you. 

Please forgive me, if I do something that’s weird or out of the “norm” 

Maybe I’m just trying to find something else to add to your dictionary 

Maybe I’m looking for something else to love about you 

Maybe I’m just going through a phase where my levels are haywire and my heart is about to explode 

I have too much love to give you. 

My heart bears no more room because 100 percent of it loves you with all its being.

I love you.

Because It’s easy. 

Posted in you.

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