It’s done.

You saw me and your eyes lit up.

I saw you and my heart sank.

You were happy to see me.

I ….


I’m sorry.

I wish you’d try to stop cornering me.

I don’t answer your phone calls for a reason.

I don’t text you back for a reason.


I’m not harsh.

I’m just not interested in your bull shit anymore.

I haven’t been interested for a really long time.

I’ve been in my own little bubble.

Trying to figure out my plan of action.

I’ve been making my way inside and outside of my bubble without popping it.

I’ve been trying to find myself.

I’m trying so hard.

If I keep finding you, I can’t find myself.

I’m sorry.

We’re not.

We were.

Past tense.

I’m sorry.

Once you took a good look at me your bright eyes went dark.

Jealousy consumed you.

The little red mark on my neck, only a coincidence that I had it this day.

The little red mark called your eyes and YOUR heart sank.

Your eyes dropped.

I’m not happy you saw it.

I’m not mad you saw it either.

I don’t really have much feelings about it.

But I feel sorry for you.

I feel sad for you.

You should’ve quit when I told you to.

You should’ve listened when I told you that it was over.

I’m sorry.

I won’t stop living because you’re hurting.

You messed up first.

You made a mistake first.

You’re the one who did me wrong.

You shouldn’t get to feel this.

You shouldn’t get to feel jealousy or regret or ANYTHING.

I know that makes me sound selfish and crazy and dumb.


I can’t force myself to care.

You’re nothing to me anymore.

I gave you too many years of my life.

Too many years of us.

I gave you too much and I paid for my mistake.

I won’t pay for it again.

There’s no chance for us to be an us anymore.

Stop wishing.

Stop hoping.

It’s done

Posted in you.

11 thoughts on “It’s done.

  1. My dear friend .
    I understand how you might have felt while writing this. I also know that it wasn’t easy for you to come to this point and take a tough decision.
    Sure there is a reason. And from now on I wish u lead a much better life than u did till now. May u be blessed with enormous hapiness.
    Best wishes

    Liked by 1 person

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