Not alone.

not alone

We are lost, in the paradigm of life, searching for ourselves. But why are we searching for ourselves?  We know what we are, what we have done and what we want from life. Yet we are lost. Lost because we tend to forget what we are. Lost because we don’t know what we are doing. And if somehow we manage to understand the Pandora box and open it, we aren’t happy with ourselves. Lost because we have no clue what we are doing.

No. I’m not talking about you. You are a successful human being, excelling through everything in life. A epitome of perfection, an inspiration to a few others. You have worked very hard to be in a position that you are in. You have made a life for yourself from scratch. You are a revolutionary, in a matter of speaking.

But, but we on the other hand took a wrong turn perhaps, made a bad choice and haven’t realized it or may be don’t want to realize it. Either way, the path is lost and the option left was to follow the well trodden path without much of a thought. That is when we lost ourselves, a part of us lost in the labyrinth of misery. They say ” When one door closes, another opens”. How passé is that ? The door have been shut down. It’s an empty room and we are all alone, wandering in the darkness that we created. We are the light. And we don’t know it, yet. We are the beginning, the end the mystery. Only if we knew. The walls close in, suffocating us amidst the conscious presence of mind. That will be the death of us. But not so soon. It a dark everywhere.  Darkness, which we could only fathom about. The kind of darkness that scares us. No, it’s not the imaginary monsters we created. It’s us. We scare ourselves. And we are alone in this world, in this never evens pit of darkness. Suddenly, a steak of light, a flash. A momentary glimpse of a lost cause. A defying dream. There are stars everywhere. We are looking at the sky, the dark clouds masking the bright white moon. And finally we see it.  And we look around in the luminous light. We aren’t alone.

Posted in you.

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