What Color is Your Rainbow?

Yeah, go ahead and call me nuts for asking you what color your rainbow is. I am a 16- year old in school, I am very well supposed to know that a rainbow has not one, but seven colors. But I’d still ask you- what color is your rainbow?

I remember in the 9th grade, on the day each student in my English class had to give a short speech about something that intrigued them, I had spoken about rainbows(yeah fine, I’m obsessed with rainbows!), and there I had metamorphosed a rainbow as life, and its arc as a racetrack, where the different colors are the different tracks which people take to win the race, and take away the pot of gold at the end. Four years on, my idea hasn’t changed, but a new dimension has been added to it, courtesy- a music album, ‘What Color Is Your Rainbow?’ No, I didn’t listen to the album, the title was enough to knock off a few windmills of my theory which I had believed so passionately in, back in the 9th grade. I kept on pondering if I had been wrong all along and if a rainbow could be of only one color? After a couple of months of pondering, I think I might have reached an answer, and would now like to share it with you (if you’d like to listen that is!)

Actually both my theory and the musician’s theory are correct, it just depends on the way you wish to view it, a lot like the macrocosm-microcosm theory. If I bring it down to a science, it’s the same difference as between watching a family eating dinner through a window and being a part of the family eating dinner with them- the events taking place are exactly the same and do not change, but the way you view things changes. So, if you look at life in general detaching yourself from the entire process if it, you’ll find that my theory wasn’t very off the mark, but at the same time if you zero in on your life only, irrespective of the other people’s lives around you, you’ll find that you have an entire rainbow to yourself and are not sharing it with the rest of the world. And your rainbow will have only one color not seven. The color of your rainbow doesn’t describe your life, but your outlook towards life. Your color defines you and no one else can define your color but you yourself and each one of us have a definite color to our rainbow whether we realize it or not- for it is the way we look at life.

When I asked him, my father told me his rainbow was green- it means moving ahead in life to new beginnings, continuing our journey without halts and a fresh way of living life, unpolluted by avarice, spite, anger and jealousy. For my mother, her rainbow is orange- the color of dawn, a ray of light to drive away the darkness and empower the heart, fill it with hope for a bright new day filled with happiness and peace. This is their way of looking at life.

The biggest example I can give you id from the epic, the Mahabharata, where the opening lines are that each of the characters in the epic didn’t look at life as black or white, but rather as grey. Not fifty, but a hundred shades of grey to paint the epic.

My color is purple which stands for Hope, Power and Strength. And now, if you’ve like what I just wrote, I don’t think you’ll mind if I ask you-

“What Color Is Your Rainbow?”

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