I’ve come to the realization that I have to make my own sunshine. 

Okay, I read that on the sidewalk in front of a school, written by chalk.

I’m not that creative

Anyway, life sucks sometimes. 

Life’s great sometimes. 

Truth is, I’m just trying to make it great all the time. 

I’m not trying to be unhappy on purpose or do things to make my life worse. 

Shit happens. 

Things need to be said. 

Things need to be done. 

Life has to happen. 

It’s the way of the world and I’m just one in a million trying to do me as everyone else is trying to do them. 

I think we all have our priorities, we all have our way of life. 

The way we think something has to get done. 

And It’s completely natural for your way to be different than mine as long as you’re doing What you need to do and what you think should be done. 

I’m gonna be over in this corner. 

Right here.

See me? 


Feel free to drop by sometime. 

Posted in you.

10 thoughts on “LIFE.

  1. My dear friend .. Like I say always life is all about taking 100% responsibility.. Yeah sometimes things doesn’t go in an intended way. But yeah Lil bit of randomness is yet again a different experience.
    I want you to become one of a kind from just one in a million.. M always here by your side.

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