She is free!

She’s all alone. 

She’s lost the will to move forward or backward. 

At least she knows where she’s standing though, right?

She’s tough but smart and even through tough times she’s proved that she can hold her own.

She’s weak but strength is her secret power. 

She’s a superhero. 

She’s sensitive but she can use that to her advantage. 

She’s emotional but she knows that in the end everything will be okay. 

She looks to the floor and she knows where she is. 

She knows that she’s on Florence street in front of house 2540. 

She’s jealous of the beautiful flowers that the home owners have planted in their garden but she smiles for their beauty. 

She’s walking and comes across a butterfly. 

It’s beautiful. 

Bright and scandalous, flying from one direction to another with a swiftness that she’s never seen before. 

She’s free. 

The girl is amazed. 

Captivated by the beauty of nature and wildlife. 

She’s one with the butterfly. 

She looks at the world from 8 ft high, looking down at herself through her own eyes from the perspective of the butterfly. 

“Hey! It’s me down there.”

She flies around and tries to remind herself to take her time, enjoy the beauty around her and this new mid-air perspective. 

She’s stunned. 

She’s the butterfly! 

And suddenly she’s back on Florence street. 

Walking away from house 2540. 

Waving goodbye to the criter flying above her head. 

She’s now stronger than ever. 

She’s better than she was a few minutes ago. 

She’s still weak but she doesn’t show it. 

She’s strong because she feels the power within her. 

She knows that her heart is free & she has the courage to follow it. 

Posted in you.

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