The Girl With a Dream

There was once a girl, innocent and pure, spreading the love and in search of more. For her the world was a beautiful place, filled with people who loved her, pampered her and cared for her like she was a doll. She finds the world in the embrace of her mother and protection in her father’s love. She grew up listening to the stories from her grandmother, the stories about the beautiful princess and her charming prince riding on the white horse, and there magical kiss in which they found the true love and then she sleeps dreaming about her prince and the magical kiss, of course holding her teddy close. She was taught to love and believe and to respect and hope. She was innocently mischievous and mischievously innocent. She danced around placing smiles on so many faces and her giggles were echoed in her house. She was no princess, she didn’t have a big garden filled with roses or any sort of luxury but she didn’t need any. She was living in heaven until one day her heaven wrecked, she grew up.

She was no more a kid living under the shadow of her parents but she was a grown up girl surviving the harshness of the world. She now has to face the world which was no more a beautiful place. There were people who ogle at her and their lecherous look just disgust her. When she looked around her there was crime and hatred, where was the love, love which she read in books. She was taught to believe and hope, but where should she put her beliefs in ? What is she suppose to hope for? The treachery of the world taught her that there is nothing like true love, that was all just the stories. There will be no beautiful princess, no charming prince will come for her riding the white horse and surely there won’t be any magical kiss. Lust has taken over love and people are selfish and sometimes they will hurt you for fun. So she did what she has to, to survive in this loveless world. She put on a mask. A mask of firmness, a mask of selfishness, a mask of hatred and made people believed that she don’t care. But that was for the world so that they don’t think that she is vulnerable and tries to hurt her, deep down in her heart she cared. She cared every time when she saw something bad happening, she cared every time when she saw truth losing to lies, she cared every time when people asked her to be cruel and oversee the wrong but she can’t express it, moreover she was not even suppose to feel it.

She can’t take it anymore, the pain, the lies, the cruelty, she wanted to run away but to where, there was nowhere. She was not living but surviving, but then she couldn’t take it anymore. She tried to be heard, fought for love but hatred won and gradually consumed her and once a cheerful soul is now burned into ashes and it’s gone. But her spirit is still here amongst us waiting for the victory. She was taught to believe and hope so she is believing in us and hoping that we all will help her to win this war between love and hate. She wants every one of us to win the fight that’s going on inside us. Let’s tear off the mask of hate and let the love pour out of us. Let’s not pretend anymore and care for real. Let’s stop the wrong and stand for the right.

She was a girl with a dream…

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