A Letter To The Guy Who Broke My Heart.


Dear Boy Who Broke My Heart,

Who would have known that the end of us was going to erupt volatile with no rhyme or reason? It’s crazy how all of the sudden, we just “weren’t”. We have simply become “nothings” to each other. We are not lovers nor ex’s, we are not friends nor strangers. There is no way to describe what we had or what we are now, so I pretend like we just “weren’t” and “never were”. It’s also crazy how something that “never was” can create an enormous empty crater in my chest that I feel every time I inhale, constantly reminding me of your absence with every struggling breath. It’s ironic how much our “nothing” hurts, but I guess that’s what happens when two people who deeply care about each other just become something that “wasn’t” and “never will be.”




12 thoughts on “A Letter To The Guy Who Broke My Heart.

  1. It’s like you took these words straight out of my chest. Wow. I’m kind of stunned here. I copy my favorite blog posts into a notebook. This one is definitely going in it.

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