You Would Always Be Mine.

  Do you see it or not?
You would always be mine
and then I thought
Through love and through wine
With feelings, I fought
I feel like I’m injured but
Pieces can break and
With love through destruction
I receive all the pain
This is all I would say
You’re a beautiful girl
And you know the way
to share with the world
That this you would want
and say “forever forever”
I swear I will come
I’m not like the rest
I May not be the best but
I’m reaching the sun
It’s so hard I swear
You look amazing
in everything you wear
Friends, you take care of
Take care me of me too as
I won’t last for long
I’ll burst like a bubble and
You’d see me like a song
Come play my inside
It’s there for a beating
The wall in between us
will always stay for longer
With you, if I am, I
cannot be any wronger
To sow seeds of love
And we need not let us break
We need to be serious
We need to have fun
With you I die to be
You know that about me
I will get lost
I will not be found
Unless and until, we turn things around.

(now read the lines from bottom to top)

Posted in you.

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