More Than The Moon


“How much do you love me?”

The girl whispered as they stared at the sky,

“More than anything!”

He spoke into her silky brown hair.


“D-do you really mean it?”

She spoke, not believing a single word said,

“Yes, I mean it, I swear to the heavens.”

He declared, and then he realized he needed to be more clear.


‘Baby, I love you more than the sun and moon combined

You’re more beautiful than the prettiest star in the sky

Do you want to know why?”

She nodded with tears in her eyes.


“You make me smile when I am sad,

Sometimes you even drive me mad,

But for some reason this feeling never leaves,

I know I love you more than the trees


Even though they help me breath,

The air that pushes past you lips

Is more peaceful than the wind that dances through the grass,

Your eyes are brighter than the sun


It’s the only light I need,

I love the sound of your voice

More than the songs of the birds

And the songs of the rain.”


He paused and then began to explain,

“Even when you’re upset I still love you

Being too far from you makes me very blue,

My stomach is in shambles and my small heart breaks


You’re the only person I anticipate seeing

The only one I find joy when speaking to

Though there are some things about you that I dislike

And make me very upset


I still don’t want to picture life without you

Though you’re my biggest mistake.

I love everything about you

And that is no lie.”

She looked up at him with big sad eyes,

Whispering, “Then why did you leave me?”

“Baby, you know I didn’t have a choice.


It was my time to leave,

For you know we can’t control death.

I will always be with you even when you feel alone.

If you just remember me then everything will be alright.”


“But what if I forget or only remember that you’re gone?”

She cried and held onto his transparent body,

“I don’t think I can live without you,

Before I met you I had no idea of what I was meant to do


You gave me hope

And made me understand

That people in the world

Might not all be that bad.


I don’t want to forget and I don’t want to lose you,

Can’t you just stay one more day.”

She mumbled into his chest.

“For you, I will stay.”



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