What is a soul mate? What do those words really mean? How do you find a soul that somehow connects to yours by magic, well “fate” as they say? How are you suppose to know the true identity of a person from their best behaviors or by what they think you want to see? How do soul mates meet?

What if you find a person that seems almost perfect, not in looks or because of the way the act, but because from the minute you began talking everything just clicked. You were able to open up to them in ways you would have never opened up to anyone else, you shared parts of you that you try to hide; and they did too. Your past seems to intertwine with theirs, your wants and dreams are almost perfectly in sync. Would you consider this person your soul mate? What if their sugar coating wore off and they introduced you to the real person they are; the cocaine snorting party animal you’ve tried to avoid all your life. What happens when they spend an entire weekend with someone else, high and drunk and your left with unanswered questions.

What happens is another broken heart, another disappointment, another painful experience that makes you scared to put your heart on the line again. He was like a breath of fresh air in the midst of a polluted city; hard to find and lasting only a short time before the dander and exhaust filled the air around me. He was open and honest and refreshing and I should of known it was to good to be true. I felt like he was sent to me to heal my heart but really he was just another collateral damage.



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6 thoughts on “Soulmates?

  1. Your last some posts are really heartbreaking might be thats the beauty of ink mingled with thoughts but neither with any magic nor with fate its all about spending time with a person,sometimes one meeting is enough sometimes it will take time.Finding soulmate is never be a spontaneous😊🙌🙏

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    1. Yes. Indeed, it takes time. But then, there’s someone for everyone. And, the moment you’re born in this earth, your souls starts seacrhing for its other half. Some lucky ones find it early, while some take years and years of searching.

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