I Am Not Afraid Anymore. 

They both were sitting on the seashore, hearing the melodious cacophony of waves. Both of them were silent. A kind of aphony which wasn’t awkward followed amidst them.
Nonetheless, it was she who initiated the conversation.

“What are you thinking about? You appear apprehensive”, she asked with concern glimmering in her eyes.

He looked at her and after a pause of a few seconds, went ahead.

“You”, he spoke in a delicate way, exhibiting the coyness of his pretty face, in his voice.

“Me. What about me?”, she asked surprisingly, completely dazed by his words.

“Yes. You. Everything about you. I am afraid of you” he spoke, nervously, trying not to look at her face.

“Will you please be a little explicit?”, she asked him and placed her hand on his.

He locked his hand in hers, and gave her a warm smile.

“The waves look so playful, singing cantabile carols of bliss. They look so beautiful and chaste. Just like you”, he said, carefully observing the enchanting movement of ripples.

She flushed. Her face turning red, like a child. “Why are you trying to change the topic. Tell me, why are you afraid of me?”, she tried to ask him, hiding the sweet smile, that was touching her lips.

He swayed his arms around her shoulders and brought her close to him. The chilled winds making the situation even better. He felt like running away, and hiding somewhere, as he was completely agitated by her pulchritudinous looks and that smoky gaze.

She was puzzled, because she wanted to know the reason behind his fear. Watching that look on her face, he continued with a sincere yet trembling voice.

“I am afraid of this big curve on your face. It makes me forget all my sorrows and pain, that I always want more of it. Your smile is capable enough to heal all my problems and worries. It kills me to see you, without that rejoice on your face”, he said, completely lost in her smile, kissing the end of her mouth. She blushed and looked down out of shyness. She wanted to speak, but he stopped her.

“I am afraid of your eyes. They’re so passionate, that whenever I look into them, I can’t stop myself from drowning into them. It kills me when I see tears in them”, he added with a sigh, and brushed her eyes lightly with his lips, giving rise to a delicate and sensual charge in her body.

He continued.

“I am afraid of your silky smooth hair. I want to kiss them continuously, without stopping. I want to seep in the divine fragrance your hair bestow. It kills me to see when you tie them in braid, and all I want to do is, take that band off your hair, and let them loose” he said, while doing exactly what he described and caressing her hair with the touch of his lips.

“I am afraid of your lips. Their tenderness, makes me want to latch my lips, to yours, forever. It kills me when you’re not with me and I can’t touch and feel them with mine”, he said, planting a soft and a gentle kiss on her lips, leaving her, and wanting her for more.

“I am afraid of your beautifully carved face. I want to kiss your face leaving the trace of my lips on it, and get sinked into this ocean of pettiness. It kills me to see, when you’re away from me and all I could do is, to think about you”, he whispered in her ear and embraced her entire face, with his lips.

He didn’t stop.

“I am afraid of your arms, which soothe all the turmoil taking place in my life and they make me feel home. It kills me, when a day, is spent without descending myself in your arms, and not inhaling your body odour”, he told her, melting himself in her arms.

“Each moment spent with you, is intricately jotted down in my heart and soul, making it a perfect memory which gets better with time. I want you to be mine and I want me, to be yours. Forever and always. I love you. What I am today is because of you and I want you to be officially mine till eternity. And you know what? It kills me to hear people saying ‘forever is a lie’ because I know it’s not and you will be mine for the rest of my life.”, he enunciated with a blend of pleasure and pain in his eyes.

She was crying. Terribly.

He wept her tears off and with a small grin and said, “See, this was what I was talking about, when I described that why am I afraid of your eyes”

She punched him, lightly, on his stomach and giggled like a fearless bird. He responded with equal intensity.

He stopped and started staring her out of admiration.

She gazed him, too.

…And their breaths mingled, becoming one. Their lips locked together and finally their souls achieved the supreme degree of tranquil.

Their psyche united with one another.




He wasn’t afraid anymore.


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