We are the kind of people who have an intermediate parity of extrovert and introvert. We live widely, and some days, solitude is our only solace. We visit places and do things which excites us, we often enjoy tranquil leisure, not only are we outgoing, but we take pleasure in staying home; reading books, binge watch our favorite series, absorbed by computers and ponder about life. Sometimes we reckon in daily horoscopes and other times, it’s the contrary and we set ourselves free. We enjoy social gatherings, we engage in uproarious conversation in a party, whilst we don’t like to stand out of the crowd, we shall sit far in the corner alone amidst everyone. 

Sitting in the park all day under the shade of trees watching the people around or be in a library and engage with strangers, we can adapt into anywhere, it’s in our veins. The ambience in dealing with pain is get-together, instead, in the darkest hour sometimes we spend our time, writing or merely exploring alone. We are the helpers, an angel and we are also the sufferers, a fallen angel. We are the tidal waves of ocean, our mind is littered with a plethora of imaginations, and we are the horizon kissed by the sun, our soul is collectively brimmed with *serenity*.
 When we fall in love, we love profoundly, and when we are left heartbroken, we long for nothing, but amenity, otherwise we would be remiss. We don’t miss a chance to step into the masses and discover a source of delight. We don’t miss a chance to be in a quiet place many nights of winter, under a blanket with a cup of coffee and romantically fall in love with a book. We zeal towards wild adventures, group of companions or reliably as a solo. We try to indulge in every little endeavor and never cease to relish our life. We, the Ambiverts. We are a unique creatures.
I’m neither an Extrovert, nor an Introvert.

This is who I am. An Ambivert.


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