A Letter To My Fallen Self.

Oh! My little girl, grow up. Don’t cry. It happens, actually often with you for you possess a wanderer’s soul and there is no need to feel guilty for this. So, my girl don’t let your precious beats go in vain for them. Yes, it’s quite okay to fall in love infinite times. Keep falling in love till you learn how to rise in love. But it is never okay to let your eternal love get ruined just for the sake of someone’s momentary arousal.

I know I am speaking a bit loud but I have to, for you my girl. No, definitely you are not a whore in fact you are the purest form of the droplet abandoned by yet another cloud but brave enough, for you are eager to kiss some more scars. But don’t you think in this whole cycle you are always soaked up, every time you lose some pieces of your innocent soul and reckless mind. Don’t you think your transparency always gets opaqued by those evil nights that you spent searching lights for him? So aren’t you doing injustice with your gorgeous lips and glamourous heart?
Yes, you are doing wrong to your each of your parts. But don’t cry, for nothing has finished, the clock is still on its rotations. There is that red fire ball shining again and this time just for you. Steal some of the rays and apply them on your face, it will glow again. Yes, I know about those perilous nights, they keep following the day until they reach you every day but you know, sweetheart, if you try to dissolve your wounded drops within those twinkling stars, they will merge all your pain and became more dim only to pour some more light into your eyes and if you accept the darkness you will know what rays actually are. So, when the most soothing part of day, the night arrives, let the symphony play and take a ride to explore yourself and this time search for your own stars. Not today, not tomorrow but you will find it, maybe the next Friday or the next Sunday. Just remember one thing: Smile like the sun, alone yet elegant enough to set the earth ablaze.

Behave like the moon, constantly ogled at and surrounded by stars yet busy enough to admire its own lustre and its scars. Cry like the storm and free all the dust and trapped beats and live. Live like your breaths are always with you. With ups and downs its motion changes, with springs and autumns it adapts, adjusts itself with rudeness and excitement but walks always with you. So, live like your breath and let the life live in you.
Go, fall, rise, love, hate but let not this combination of days and nights, your life, go in vain for feeding someone’s hunger and losing your love because the person is nowhere between your smiles and tears and will no more be. So, get up. Complete me. And become mine.
From this holy moment start yourself again.This is the best and only moment. Stand up, girl. Stand up once again.


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