A Wanderer

I will kiss you from dawn to dusk,

I am neither the sun nor the moon.

I will soak your smokiness and erase your wrinkle,

I am neither the light nor an empath.

I will mend your nights and present you wings,

I am neither a dream nor an angel.

I will write you poems and color your emotions,

I am neither a poet nor an artist.

I am the Wild-heart, I am a gypsy.

I will love you and leave you.

I will tell your destiny and make you a mystery.

I will make you live and take away your breath.


I am ephemeral, I am a bubble.

I am the river, I will let you flow.

I am the rain, momentary yet magical.


I am neither love, nor eternal.

I am simply a wanderer.

I will make you surrender and let your soul wander.



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