Dear Zindagi (Life)

Dear Zindagi (life), 
How should I explain how beautiful you’ve been? I know I’ve complained many a times. I’ve tried to strangle my problems by talking about how bad my life is. And how I’m so irritated of the direction my life is heading towards.
But tonight I want to thank you. I want to reward you with a hug. I want to let those harsh words subside and instead get replaced by the words of beauty allowing the wounds to heal. Reminiscing about the times I have complained, about the times I always demeaned you and took you for granted, but how did i forget about those irreplaceable memories I made all this while?
I didn’t know that a smile to a stranger can brighten up their day. When one day someone smiled looking at me and I was enthralled to realize how happy I felt within. I took you for granted and even had tried to tighten the noose and give up on you and myself. Along with that pouring a pile of blemishes on you. But you still gave me opportunities to help me stand again on my feet and fight away the obstacles. 
With time I realized either you make something out of your broken pieces or shatter it, into smaller pieces still. I realized that you are your own strength, your own shoulder and your own support. I blamed you for letting me go through the storm, but now I realize that, if I wouldn’t have faced the difficulties then how would have I learned from them? 
Tonight, I want to hug myself and pat on my back. Because I’ve grown as a person. I now know why it’s so important to empathize others during their rough phases. Because I’ve learned that life is all about helping each other, smiling back at those tears falling from your eyes. It’s about making the memories as you move ahead, it’s about letting things go at times. Life is about living and just not being alive. It tests you at times, but then it also helps you find the lost key and all we do is forget to take a moment and be thankful to our life.
So, my friend today, just today, let’s forget about all our issues and come ahead. Take a moment to pay gratitude towards your life. No matter how hard it may be, but remember every sunset is defeated only by a sunrise . 

Someone who lives in the moment and not in the hours anymore.
Thank you, Zindagi!


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