To Those Who Still Believe

Perhaps this New Year’s Eve will matter more than those that have gone before us.
Perhaps this year’s welcome to midnight will seem a little more powerful.
Perhaps this is our chance to stand together in solidarity.
Perhaps this is where we will find a place called hope.

2016 shattered many of us into a million tiny pieces.
Pieces that represent a fear we never thought possible.
A fear that change is approaching on the horizons.

2017 will see change.
We will piece ourselves back together with a glue stronger than we have ever used before.
Standing together with broken hearts we will fight to repair the damage.

Though the divide may run much deeper than we first believed, we must always trust that we will make it.
We will make it together.

Now is not the time for rash actions or words of unkindness.
Now is the time to take pen to paper. Keyboard to blog post. Photo to instagram.
Now is the time to raise our voices, turn up the Springsteen song, find the calm in a prayer and live our lives with strong convictions.

Now is the time to say it, mean it and believe it.
There is still a place called hope. 

Rome may be burning but we are ready with our buckets of water.
We are ready to defy those who may take our rights to be human.
We are ready to dig in our heels, lean into the table and swing that bat.

We are ready for the battle in whatever shape or form it may come.
We are ready to speak up.
We are ready to change this world.

This is for those who feel they may have lost their way.
This is for those who are coming home.
This is for those prepared to fight.

This is for those who still believe.




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