An Open Letter To A Stranger. 

Dear stranger,
If everything is going great for you, I’m glad it is. If it’s not, I want you to know that you’ll get through this. It will take time, but you will. Have faith in yourself and trust your gut. It’ll be alright. Just breathe.

If you feel guilty about stopping whatever you’re doing just to stare at the sky, it’s okay. It’s okay to want to stop all the clocks and arrest the movement of the sun just before it disappears into the hills. It’s okay to want to grab the sun in your fist and gently place it anywhere you want to on the sky and it’s okay to want to smudge some of its yellow and orange and red onto this two dimensional void, even if it feels like you’re wasting your time. If you love the chemistry of the sky and the sun and the hills, if it makes you happy and makes your heart skip a beat or two, let that spectacular sunset take your breath away for a while. It’s okay. Just breathe.

If you curse yourself for writing nonsensical poetry when you’re supposed to get some work done, don’t. Sometimes it’s better to create than to force yourself to do something that drains you. Remember, your creativity is your best outlet; there’s nothing wrong about doing something that heals you. Create, express, and do so relentlessly if that’s what you love. Just breathe.

If you don’t love your family, it’s okay. Blood relation doesn’t always equate to love. If they don’t think you’re good enough for their liking, constantly taunt you, don’t treat you well, you have every right to not care. It’s fine. Just breathe.

If you feel worthless, give it some time. You’ll find your passion soon enough. You have your entire life ahead of you. Just breathe.

If you can’t make decisions because you’re too depressed at that point of time, tell a level headed friend of yours to help you out. If you trust them enough, tell them why you don’t want to decide for yourself. They’ll help. Trust me. Just breathe.

If you are crying over the person who left you broken, don’t lose faith in love. You’ll find a person who makes your life look like a movie. Wait for a while. It’ll happen. Just breathe.

If you don’t know what to do with your life, take a shower for as long as you want. Wear your favourite cotton shirt. Eat your favourite sandwich. Listen to your private playlist. Close your eyes. Take a nap. Think. Paint. Sing. Play. Laugh. Write. Talk. Cry. Whatever makes you feel better. You’ll find a way, eventually. You probably can’t, now. But you will. Just breathe.

It just takes a little bit of faith and a dainty, metaphorical sprinkle of pixie dust sometimes. Just breathe.

Dear stranger, it will all fall back into place soon enough. Believe. Breathe.


46 thoughts on “An Open Letter To A Stranger. 

  1. Dear Stranger,

    I did breathe. But I believe I have been breathing for way too long. The long showers, the splendid sunsets, the crumbled pages of the dairy, the present the past, the uncertain future seems just too surreal. You keep telling to breathe. What if breathing is so hard? What if each waking moment is a burden? What if each moment that passes by feels like an uncalled for punishment.

    I guess, I am lost beyond reproach. So, when you say just breathe, I ask myself why am I still! Sorry!

    Someone else.

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      1. Don’t worry. It didn’t work out like I thought it would.
        And well, it’s an long overdue. I waited 10 years for things to change. They didn’t. Things working out my way is something that is never going to happen, ever.
        Thank you, but your maybe had the answer, don’t you think?

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    1. Sometimes life can lead us into a trance. We forget who we are. We forget what lies within us. We forget that we can slowly peel back the layers. Thought after thought, belief after belief. Uncover the truth, Nigma, and the truth will set you free. What you’re feeling now, is completely okay. Feel it, experience it, but seek the truth in your experience. Seek the truth of your life. You’ll make it through. Because you are more incredible than you could ever imagine. When things don’t seem to go our way, it’s because we are so focused externally – trying to force events, circumstances, other people, and outcomes. Your power lies inside you, not outside. You are already a thoughtful person and a deep, rich, thinker. Point your focus inside of you, and dare to see what you’ve been refusing to behold.

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      1. That was delightful to read. I am fascinated by how people(we) look beyond into the possibilities of life and how much it has to offer, how much we can offer. I have been in your shoes telling people the same. Telling people to look into themselves and how incredible they are and that every good thing that is supposed to happen and not happen will happen soon and that it is just right around the corner. They just have to hold on, hold on to them, hold on to the hope, hold on to that miracle that will happen anytime now. I have preached it as if my life was all merry, as if my life was all too perfect, that I have seen the worst and have gotten out of it. I have preached it hoping that no one other steps into the same boat as me. I know how dark this place is, all the things holding people back. I have endured it, am enduring it. That’s why I preached. But deep down, I have given up a long time ago. And I am not looking for a miracle anymore, because those miracles don’t happen, atleast to me. That hope I keep telling people to hold on to, is dead to me.

        So, when you say to look into myself, peel the layers and look at the better side and that the power lies within me, I want to believe you. I really do. But then again, it’s just an empty space in the darkness.

        P.S. I know you are trying to help. And I thank you for that. But, I gave lengthy explanation just to tell you that I am messed up, I am broken inside and no force internal or external is going to fix it. I am really sorry. I have given up a long time ago. I have been giving up ever since. I don’t think anything else is going to change that. Like I have already mentioned, I am lost beyond reproach.


      2. You’ve explained well. But I think your perception is flipped – you are the egg, not the omelette. You can make the egg into any damn eggthing! Including an awesome omelette.

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      3. To be more exact, your perception is flipped. According to my perception, I want a rotten omelette to be turned back into an egg.
        You see where I am going with this?
        If I haven’t been any more clear, I am not an optimistic person. And any tiny fragment of optimism (if ever it was there) died a long time ago and over time it just ceased to exist.

        Thank you though. For your optimism, for your positive perspective of things. The world needs people like you. 🙂

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      4. Enigma thank you for your kind words but I urge you to consider going a little easy on yourself. This is coming from a previously self-critical person, I am beginning to realize that my pain was never from others but from my own internalization of negativity towards myself, which I projected onto the world. Any moment, any time, you are welcome to join the light side of life : ) whenever you are ready

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      5. See, the positive on-look.

        I am very happy for you that the phase is well behind you now and you have had a lot of things to learn, and share from your experience. And I am more than glad that you made it.

        But I will point out to one thing that you have mentioned- that the pain was from within and not from others. You realised that. But I have known it since the inception. I have lived through with the same knowledge that I am the cause for all the negativity, and though I didn’t project, but rather tried to prevent it for others who might be taking the same path.
        And with time, when I should have been learning from the mistakes, the choices I made, the self depreciation I did, I did it a little more.

        So, thank you, but for me there is no light side of life. It’s heavy, and it gets heavier by the second. 🙂

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      6. I can see that you’ve given up on yourself but I just want you to know that I’ll never give up on you. I can see that you seem to be an empath and do care for others, which is really incredible because it’s atypical for someone so deeply mired in hurt to also be caring of others. I think your inner intelligence will guide you well. You exist, therefore you are worthy of love and all the good that life has to offer, regardless of your past. Best of luck on your journey Enigma. Sending you light.

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      7. Well, probably you should.

        It’s not atypical, it’s more of an experienced situation.

        And how much ever I want to believe you when you saw that something will guide me, it is very unlikely to happen. And before you say anything else, no, I am not worthy of love and well, the life has nothing good to offer me, regardless of my past.

        Thanks, I hope its a short one. 🙂
        Sending me light? From where? Your private blog? What I mean is save it, for someone who is better than me. Thank again. 🙂
        Best of luck in your journey. 🙂

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      8. Whether or not you follow your inner intelligence is in your hands, but it is always guiding you. It’s always just us (our fear, guilt, shame, limiting beliefs, and negative self-perceptions) in the way. It’s the whisper of who we were before the world conditioned us. If you want to reconnect with that part of you again, just intend to do so.

        There exists a much better blog to read than mine – And furthermore, I am just as stubborn as you (in leaning towards hope and optimism) so perhaps we should just cordially agree to disagree. And light (good will, good thoughts, good wishes) was already sent – so unfortunately I can’t redact that. Fortunately, there’s plenty of light in the universe to go around, and more than enough for you : )

        Thank you for wishing me luck in my journey. It’s been a hard one, but thankfully my determination to heal dominates over my guilt, regret, and inability to forgive self and others.

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      9. I don’t want to reconnect with anyone, past, present or future.

        Great, agreeing to disagree.
        And Lol @ redacting.

        That’s great. Keep moving forward. Take Care and have fun along the way. 🙂

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      10. I wasn’t asking for your blog, or anyone else’s. I have three blogs of my own, so I got my hands full.
        But I do want to point at the credibility of what you say. But that doesn’t matter anyway.

        Like I said, keep moving forward.

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      11. recently came across this quote yesterday and was contemplating it – nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. I found it a revelation, because it encourages higher thinking from multiple perspectives. There are a few other beliefs that have really freed me from really dark times and thoughts. Another being: Every negative and limiting belief you have about yourself isn’t true and doesn’t belong to you (didn’t come from you). Im sorry to hear you say you’ve given up. I gave up once too – I was kneeling on my bedroom floor wishing I could die and contemplating suicide. I hit the lowest of the lowest point possible. But from there, I slowly started to reconnect with wisdom and I’m still working through the emotional pain. That was 4 years ago and I’m still clearing out the hurt from that time. The wound is where the light enters. A shit load of light is going to enter me soon enough.

        Your thoughts and beliefs say “I am lost beyond reproach”

        Have you considered reading the biographies of the following?

        Buckminister Fuller
        Tina Turner
        Louise Hay

        They felt similarly to you.

        It’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed. – Louise Hay

        Of course you’re not lost beyond reproach.
        You just need a paradigm shift in your perspective and belief system.

        As you think, you are.

        It also helps to clear out emotional hurt to be able to think clearer. Wishing you all the best. You, just like anyone in the world, matter and have the ability to realize your potential and help many others. But we need to overcome our blocks along the way. You can do it!

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  2. You are a beautiful writer! But do we really have that much power stored within? I know I don’t, when I am real with myself. I’ve been in broken places, several; and the only one I’ve found who can fix broken lives and hearts is Jesus. I’m not talking religion. That’s as broken as we are. I’m talking about the most amazing love relationship in the history of humanity. He can fix lives. I know first hand, as he’s fixing mine and many others lives whom I know.

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  3. My heart breaks for you. Jesus promises that if we seek him with our whole hearts, we will find him. His love for you is more than you can fathom. If you wish to email privately, my blog email is I’d love to talk with you further about Jesus, according to your comfort level. If that’s not where you are at, I understand. I will be praying for you. Just know you are valuable and greatly loved.

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