Dear Mom, 

An open letter to the woman who has always picked up my pieces and glued them back together. 
Dear mom, 

1. The first day of lower kindergarten, and I came to you crying, saying that someone had pinched me at school. 

“Why are you saying that to me? Go fight your own battles.”

That was the first lesson of my life. 

I was 4, and you loved me. 

2. You picked me up from school that afternoon, though you knew that I was acting out a stomach ache. 

“You could have told me you weren’t prepared for the test. We could have stayed home and played carrom.” 

You never wanted me to lie to you. 

I was 8, and you loved me. 

3. This was the time when the sleepover trend was just kicking in. 

“What theme do you want?” My friends were so jealous that you let me have a birthday sleepover without a single question.

I was 11, and you loved me. 

4. “You can’t let her do whatever she wants,” grand-mom screamed at you, the day I came home late. 
“I trust my daughter and that’s the end of it,” you fought back. 

I was 13, and you loved me. 

5. I heard you cry in the washroom the first time I came home drunk. But I just pretended like I didn’t.

I’m sorry. I was a reckless teenager. 

I was 15, and you loved me. 

6. You are the first person I came running to, the day he told me he was leaving. I did not get out of the bed for days and you stayed awake every night until I fell asleep. 

I was 16, and you loved me. 

7. I wanted to drop out of college and figure out what I really wanted to do in life. But I didn’t want to look like a failed expectation, or an unfulfilled ambition.

“Come home. We’ll figure it out together,” you opened the doors.

I was 17, and you loved me.

8. Today, I’m 18 and when I look back, I cannot possibly imagine one other person who has loved me as much as you have. 

For the smiles, the tears and everything in between, thank you, mom. 

I wish I grow up to be at least half as brave, as kind and as compassionate as you.
Yours truly  

A daughter who owes everything she is today, to you.

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