We poor, over-thinking people. Present to us a piece of bread on a plate, we’ll be wondering about why you gave it late, why the bread is burnt, why you walked the way you did, why the sun is shining just a little bit more fervently today…

In other words, almost any random occurrence in this universe can be a little trail for an unending stream of thoughts for us folks.

Rude to a friend? What will that person say? What will everyone else say? Have I messed up way too badly? Will we be able to go back? Is there a evil force in the backdrop, ruining things with its evil machinations?

We are an unusual sort; we bleed our brains and invest all our energies and precious sunken moments to letting our minds run amok over the tiniest incident which unruffled our lives ever so slightly.

And ultimately, we’re divested of all – peace of mind, a logical approach to the problem at hand and a lack of clarity about absolutely anything. We need absolution, we need to be told our wild imagination is just that – and yet, our silly brains would tiptoe away from our control secretly on the beckoning of the world of our mad, magnificent imaginations, and leave us fumbling about in the winds, trying to make sense of…err, everything, basically.

We need to be analyzing every aspect of a relationship we’re even remotely associated with. What’s one person thinking and doing, what’s the other person up to, is it toxic or is it happy, is it going to affect me anytime soon? And oh, why did she not wear that bracelet today?

Someone needs to get into our heads and ask us to stop thinking.

Okay who will that someone be? Someone from a galaxy of stars, someone living in my neighborhood, probably wearing a white shirt.


  1. You are right. It is way to easy to become obsessed with over thinking. Sometimes when I find myself worrying over this or that in a relationship, I will pray and ask God to bring something out in the open if I need to be concerned and deal with something I am worrying about but have no real data, just over thinking. It helps me let go. I know God will answer.

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