Speak Silence To Me.

Speak silence to me.
Speak to me not in sentences, but sighs,
Not in syllables, but smiles
Not in voice but in the entire depth of your eyes
Speak silence to me
In glances and grins
And the little movements of wrists
And fingertips
Speak to me the spaces between words
Like we are strangers who don’t know the same language
But the room is damp and the light is low and the wind is cold
And communication is the only thing we have to keep us warm.

Speak poetry to me
Not poetry of words but the poetry of moments
Quiet residents that live
In flicked eyebrows and wide-eyed shrugs
And daydreams and sedate sunsets
In night skies and streetlamp smoke
And warm toes and buttered toast
And cold snow and soft marshmallows.

Speak silence to me
Like silence is enough
Like we don’t need sound
Or the applause of the crowd
Or rivers made of gold
Or the power of the sun.
Speak silence
Like the cold air is enough
Like the soft breath is enough
Like the bent grass is enough
Like the wet mud is enough

Like, just for a moment, the both of us are enough.

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