🌞 Riding on the northern wind

He was the harbinger of joy

She, the bedecked face of earth

In her summer glory looked coy.

 She, always moving in her familiar little orbit

Often passed him by – a traveller, a nomad

Who brought her a bounty of fruits when he halted

And flew by, showering flowers and gifts myriad.



 Later, He brought the rains with him

Just to drench her to the soul

She lost herself to his embrace

And her mind he tried to control.

 And succeed he did, as the drops hit her:

Her thirst he quenched but body let erode

She tried to relish the sweet sounding pitter-patter

But rivers of tears fell and her head remained bowed.


 He adorned her with a coat of red

Only to tear it apart from her skin

Making her live on the outside happy

But dying a little each day within. 

He slowly paced around her, watching her shiver:

His affection had mildewed; her eyes were dry and pleading,

She finally saw herself in a state of dereliction

And begged to be deserted, amidst her pained breathing.



 He complied to her plea at once

For he had satiated now his lust

He set winter upon her nakedness

While her dignity crumbled to dust.

And now she lay fallen, a curtain of cold for company

Robbed of heart’s warmth, craving for the wind to soothe

Her body bereaved and broken, mind forlorn and hurting,

Her want of love’s embrace jaded because of the ugly truth.


He rides the hot southern winds

Which make the air smell rotten

He is hated for what he doesn’t do

And the Spring he brings is forgotten.

He comes to her with this spring, no gifts nor flowers of every hue

He covers her with blossoms white, she now appears better than new.

Renewed, she fills him with a fragrance, that of love and hope

And to the land of eternal Spring, they hold hands and elope.


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