Untitled #4 

It is true what they say about a writer falling in love with you. She will immortalise you in the pages of her journal, she will make you the main character of her stories—a hero, she will turn your love into arrhythmic verses of poetry. But what when you hurt her? Won’t she burn you […]

If You Ever Fall In Love. 

Fall in love with someone who kisses your scars like they are badges of honor. Fall in love with someone who knows what your favorite color is not because you told them a million times but because they worked it out. Fall in love with someone who asked your life ambitions on the first date […]

An Open Letter To A Stranger. 

Dear stranger, If everything is going great for you, I’m glad it is. If it’s not, I want you to know that you’ll get through this. It will take time, but you will. Have faith in yourself and trust your gut. It’ll be alright. Just breathe. If you feel guilty about stopping whatever you’re doing […]

//To an acquaintance long lost//

I miss you a lot. I really do. I don’t know what happened or what went wrong, but something or somewhere, we lost touch.  You see, I’m not the type of person who shares emotions. I don’t. I don’t open up about myself, my family or the state of my mind only because you’re my […]


Sloshed, stoned and half in love I walked through the doors of our two bedroom apartment. They’d always told me that the one bedroom was good enough but oh, they didn’t know us did they. “Hey baby, how was it tonight?” you ask, fairly acknowledging my unkept state and shabby hair. I stay quiet, how […]

To Those Who Still Believe

2017. Perhaps this New Year’s Eve will matter more than those that have gone before us.
Perhaps this year’s welcome to midnight will seem a little more powerful.
Perhaps this is our chance to stand together in solidarity.
Perhaps this is where we will find a place called hope. 2016 shattered many of us into a million tiny […]

Dear Zindagi (Life)

Dear Zindagi (life),  How should I explain how beautiful you’ve been? I know I’ve complained many a times. I’ve tried to strangle my problems by talking about how bad my life is. And how I’m so irritated of the direction my life is heading towards. But tonight I want to thank you. I want to […]