My Little Scars

I can feel my nails dig into my palms,

The same way I feel their words pierce through my heart.

Their eyes are lasers that fall on my skull, 

And their hands are whips that scar my body.
Do they realise what they do to me? 

Do they know what I’ve become? 

Do I even matter to them anymore?

Do they even care as they did?
I sit here alone

Staring at the walls

Of the house that was once mine,

The place I used to call home

It doesn’t feels like home anymore

When did that happen? 

When did everything change? 

Will I ever feel like home again? 
My nails still dig into my palms,

Tiny curves of pain full my hands..

… For now 

They’ll be gone soon

  Those little scars.

But I will still be here,

Wondering when my world fell apart.
Much pain,



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